'SPARK' is Burning House's new development arm. We spend a lot of time with classics here at Burning House, but we're also passionate about working with the writers of today and tomorrow as well.

Our SPARK programme is designed to provide selected playwrights dramaturgical support for six months. This will include one-on-one monthly dramaturgy meetings with our Artistic Director, and a private reading or workshop organised by Burning House. In addition, Burning House will promote any activities the participants are involved in through their online channels for the duration of the six months. 

We value innovation, ambition and theatricality here at Burning House, and will preference scripts that exemplify these qualities. In addition, we have a preference for plays that deal with current environmental or technological issues, but will not limit our decision to these factors. We encourage any interested party to apply - regardless of age, race, gender, beliefs or ability.

Applications for SPARK are currently closed. We will be taking our next round of submissions in December, 2018.

To find out more about the resident SPARK artists, head to our ABOUT page.