Explore Burning House's production history. We bring rare classic texts to Melbourne and Sydney - plays of extraordinary power and relevance, written by the best writers in the history of the world - in a bold, new contemporary manner.


AJAX - 2019

After Sophocles. Adapted by Robert Johnson & Jonathan Graffam.

At the end of the Trojan War Ajax’s best friend Achilles has been killed. Denied his armour, an worn down by ten years of brutal warfare, Ajax finally snaps. The events that take place will threaten everything around him, including his wife and daughter.

Burning House once again turn their attention to this powerful classic, creating a new production from their 2016 text.

In association with The Old 505 Theatre.

Staged in April 2019



Written by William Shakespeare & Adapted by Robert Johnson      

After ten long years fighting for his country, Titus Andronicus returns home to Rome. Twenty-one of his sons are dead in battle, and the queen of his enemies rules side by side with his new emperor. Rome is a wilderness of wolves, and Titus finally decides to step outside the law, to protect and avenge his own. With 'Titus', the team behind 'Coriolanus' finish their Roman study on leadership and power.

Staged in October 2017.

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Written by Maxim Gorky & Adapted by Robert Johnson

A large ensemble of friends are on vacation. Isolated and shielded from the tumultuous events of an empire in upheaval, these summer guests are free to enjoy life at leisure. But the call of revolution cannot be ignored by several members of the party. The play is an overwhelming call to arms – it is a gigantic invitation to live and embrace a life of passion, fulfilment and agency.

Staged in March 2017.


AJAX - 2016

After Sophocles - Adapted by Robert Johnson & Jonathan Graffam.

At the end of the Trojan War, Ajax is denied his friend Achilles’ armour. After 10 years of constant war he snaps. Ashamed of his deeds, he plans to kill himself. His wife and child do their best to change his mind.

In association with Hawthorn Arts Centre and Melbourne Fringe.

Staged in September/October 2016.



Written by William Shakespeare & Adapted by Robert Johnson

Coriolanus is a consummate solider – a coddled mother's boy whose sole purpose is to find valour (and validation) through martial prowess. He is elected to Consul, and when unable to reconcile his honour and his virtue with democratic Rome, he is exiled. He turns on the city, leading his old enemies the Volsces against Rome.

Burning House's premiere production is the first in a 'Roman' diptych, focusing on power, politics and leadership.

Staged in May 2016.


Inspired by Aeschylus, with addition text by Hazrat Inayat Khan, Rumi, Robert Johnson and others.

Reaching far back in time to our two oldest playtexts, Burning House is working to create a new work about terrorism, Islam, the refugee crisis, empathy and the nature of theatre and storytelling itself.

With thanks to Darebin Speakeasy Development Program.

Developed in 2018.